A Cohesive Well Thought Response

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Exam #3 is due by 11:59 p.m. by the Friday of Week 8 via LiveText - Dec. 16, 2016.

Using the information you assimilated in this course, answer the following questions in a cohesive well thought response. You may use bullet points or paragraphs, but ensure your answers are complete and thorough.

1. Explain McLuhan’s claim that “The Medium is the Message”. (2 pts)
McLuhan’s claim that “The Medium is the Message” signifies that the approach of a transmitted message does matter. The reason as to why is that it affects how it is obtained by recipients which can manipulate their overall perception. This dominant form of communication also influences the substance in modifying how we interact and behave alongside our values and norms. These effects happen to stem from numerous definitions of media and its content for users such as hot (filled with information lacking in participation to think and active engagement furthering passive behavior) and cold (short of data requiring mental activity to be involved) media. Ultimately, this assertion pinpoints the role of media ecology in that mass media is the sole foundation of cultural life in society.

2. Using BOTH the principles/ parts of the theory AND your own experiences, discuss Cultivation Theory AND how media intake is cumulative. (2 pts)

The cultivation theory address an association of television to violence creating a pervasive impact of our view of the world. These fears, unfortunately, formulated a medium of
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