A Community Is Based On Relationships And Consists Of A Number People

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A community is based on relationships and consists of a number people with something in common that connects them in some way and the distinguishes them from others. The concept of community and its role in society is the common connection most often is associated is identity. That is, people identify with each other as a group. Identity can be organized around social characteristics that result in particular social opportunities and social issues. Some common marker of identity is race, class, ability, gender, sexuality, national identity and country of origin. Identity could also be associated with where a person lives activity or a neighborhood. It may be an activity, like a job, that provides the connection. When we use the term …show more content…

But I’m given a specific site. The site that I work in is The Merchandise Building in downtown Toronto. In the

Merchandise Building is where there is a website that all residents, board members, security guards, property managers and superintendent communicate and discuss on any updates or changes with the security guards. The website that we use in the Merchandise Building is called
Condo Control Central. The purpose of having Condo Control Central is that it’s much more organize and it helps security guards to know what the residents, property managers, board members and superintendent are doing. There are different types of roles that each member has.
The board members they implement and make sure any damages on the property or discuss with the security guards that are currently working. Once the board member sees’s a damage in the wall or something they don’t like they would talk to one of the security guards about it and then may complain to G4S or property manager. The security guards they make sure the property is safe. We also make sure that we’re doing our job correct because if a simple mistake happens, you can get in trouble or be fired on the spot by G4S.When I work on Saturday and Sunday night shifts there would be three security guards working. On Saturday, there would be Jeff the security guard supervisor, Shamar a security guard and

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