A Comparison between Islam and Christianity

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Islam and Christianity

Everybody has his or her own level of importance when it comes to religion and its meaning. Some people see religion as a reason for being, while others might use their religion as a way to remain connected to home, or even blame it for every horrible act between humans. When first looking at the Islamic faith and the Christian faith they may seem very different from each other but when we take a closer look at them and compare them we can find a lot of very important similarities between the two religions. When doing research for this assignment I came across many articles which right from the start I was able to tell were going to be one sided, depending on the authors beliefs, and not very helpful to me.
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Since both religions teach us to love and not discriminate or hate, if we follow these teachings and love our neighbors, grieves and differences should be overcome (Gillum, 2010). Because in Poland there aren’t many Muslims, when I was growing up as far as I’m concerned I never had a chance to learn about an Islamic religion or anything that had to do with it really. The first time I can remember ever hearing about it was when I was watching the news in Poland, right after the twin towers were attacked. At first I remember thinking I was watching a really good movie because it was one of a very few times my whole family was watching the TV, which didn’t happen too often. Once I realized everything was real and they showed the people responsible for killing so many innocent people, I found it very hard to believe that it was all done in the name of God; regardless of what their religion was. It wasn’t until I lived in the United States for a few years that I started to get a better understanding about what happened September 11th, who was responsible for it, and how the Muslims were suffering from it and being blamed when Islam is and always has been a peaceful and merciful religion. As I learned more about the Islamic faith and their believes I was realizing how very similar Islamic faith is to Christian faith and began questioning why those two religions are even separated
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