Great Expectations Chapter 1 And 1 Comparison

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A Comparison of Chapters 1 and 39 in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations Great Expectations is and epic novel by Charles Dickens. Set in the Victorian times of 1850, it tells the story of Phillip Pirrip (Pip) and his life up into his 30s. Originally used in a magazine as a short story series, it has lengthy chapters and an in depth look into society classes of the time. When Pip was orphaned by the death of his parents and left alone by 5 brothers who did not survive, he was sent to live with his older sister, Mrs Joe Gargery and her husband, Joe Gargery the blacksmith. Although he was cared for to a basic extent, he was by no means spoiled or expected to do great things; his future would be in …show more content…

He dreams of one day becoming a wealthy gentleman so that he can be worthy of her, here is where Dickens begins to introduce the idea of the benefits and differences between upper and lower social classes. When regular visits to Miss Havisham being to take place, Pip dreams of her paying for him to become a real gentleman so he can wed Estella. However, his hopes are dashed when Miss Havisham puts in to place plans for him to become a common labourer in the family business. Pip works there unhappily, improving his education with Biddy, and meeting Orlick the day labourer. After a particularly bad run-in with Orlick, Mrs Gargery is attacked and becomes a mute invalid, although Pip suspects from her hand signals and gestures that Orlick was the culprit. Pip continued with his monotonous work and imagined wistfully the life of a gentleman. Out of the blue, a lawyer called Jaggers appears at the Gargery residence claming that a secret benefactor has left Pip a large amount of money with the instructions that Pip learns to be a gentleman. Jaggers says that Pip must leave for London immediately to begin his education and Pip believes that his hopes have come true; Miss Havisham is paying to make him a gentleman and allow him to marry Estella. Upon arrival in London, Pip befriends Herbert Pocket who is the son of

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