A Comparison of Different Advertisements Essay examples

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A Comparison of Different Advertisements

The producers of advertisements in newspapers and magazines ensure that the image that they are trying to create makes a statement to their target audience. They make certain that the advert is vivid but clear so it will easily stick in the audience's mind. For the target audience, the car advertisements have a lot of influence over our decision on buying cars. The producers of the car adverts want us to feel that we as their target audience are missing out on their brand new superb cars. For this essay, I am going to analyse three display car advertisements: Renault Clio from Renault, Corolla from Toyota, and Ford Fiesta from Ford. Display advertisements
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This means that the Ford Fiesta is the one that turns a normal young man into a real stylish man. The advert is saying that you can become a real stylish man if you buy this car and when you do you can go to parties, clubs and have more fun. This is why a young bored man is sitting indoors; Ford Fiesta wants to transform these young bored men into real out-going men.

The Renault Clio and the Ford Fiesta advertise cars for those who want to have fun and need to get out more, but some companies advertise their cars for the average family man. The Corolla is aiming for men, between 30-45 years old, because looking at the background; the advert is set in some kind of housing estate, with family houses, so Corolla's target audience is the average parent, probably the husband. Also because within the advert, the car advert upon the tree asks to "Phone Phil", which is a male name.

Now I will discuss the messages that the illustrations or the photographs are trying to conjure up. The colours associated with the Renault Clio advert are different shades of dark blue and turquoise. These colours create a calm, neutral yet futuristic effect. This is exactly what the ladies are looking for. It makes females look more masculine. It's the new fresh colour. The car is aimed more at desirability than practicality. The feeling is cold and the advert makes you think "wow". The
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