A Creative Brief for Macdonald's Smoothies

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McDonald’s Smoothies: Creative Brief

|Client/Brand: |McDonald’s Australia |Date: |September 2, 2011 |

1. The Company

McDonald’s Australia is a 3.2 b dollar business. It is not only known to people for its iconic golden arch, mouth-watering burgers, fries and nuggets, but also for its community service, strong partnership with local growers and suppliers and an array of corporate social activities.

2. Brand Issues

McDonald’s is a recognized representation of fast food and often not deemed as a ‘healthy’ food option. Therefore, McDonald’s goal to stretch its product range to fresh fruit smoothie is a challenge. Further in Australia, there are
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2) What opportunities/threats are emerging and what can threaten McDonald’s smoothies?

• Social trends towards healthier/fresh food/beverage products denotes a positive drive.

• Economic pressures in today’s consumer food/beverage market mean less disposable income to spend on (especially due to the fact that smoothies are considered a discretionary purchase).

• Australia has several regulations regarding using Benzene in beverages and non nutritive sweetener and colours. It also has comprehensive beverage standards that McDonald’s will have to follow.

3) What do customers think, feel and do about the selected brand (Based on the opinion of38 regular consumers of smoothies)?

a. How do they think of the real fruit smoothies?

“Ingredients are not a big concern as they believe fruit smoothies are ought to be made of real fruit to contain its original taste.”

b. What do they think and feel about McDonald’s?

Their attitude towards McDonald’s is mostly positive, even though they also believe McDonald’s is not the best healthy option. Our interviewees stated their readiness of trying smoothies in McDonald’s as they believe McCafe is serving with real coffee, which made them feel confident about its real fruit smoothies.

c. What do they think about the differences between brands?

Although, for now, they couldn’t see any point of difference

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