A Diet A Dozen : Eating Vegetables And Drinking Milk Three Times

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Jordan Lindley
Professors Huddleston & Tiner
Mass Media & Society/Health & Fitness
3 November 2015
A Diet A Dozen
Eating vegetables and drinking milk three times a day is not a common practice in the United States. In fact, pizza for breakfast has taken a liking more so than an old diet such as this one. Imagine a world in which all that is eaten is what books and magazines say are “good for us”. Are we really that far off? Through various media ranging from religious text to the modern magazine and television representation, America’s dietary revolution has been on a rollercoaster of change for centuries – a rollercoaster that has a destination nowhere to be seen.
Approaching the beginning of the 19th century, scholars began to notice …show more content…

In contrast, the men whom sided with Rush believed that they were doing God’s will by being healthy; many believed it was mistreatment – especially in times of slavery. It is important to be aware that Rush was a wealthy, conservative, religious man – so bias is present in his arguments.
Flashing forward a little over 100 years – after the Civil War, people begin to look past religion and focus more on leisure-eating. As practiced daily in today’s society, after a long and stressful day – we eat and become the sloths we all naturally crave to be at times. A writer once said in the late 1800s, “[Now] the American diet contained just about too much of everything and at too high a cost” (39). It certainly sounds similar to where we are today with food. Around this time, too, certain food companies that released nutritional inputs began to develop signs of yellow journalism; one stating that the Asian culture was on a “rice-only” diet, which proved to be false(40). Following World War I, the ‘League of Nations Mixed Committee of Experts on Nutrition’ was formed and published reports that explained the importance of vitamins and the “proper diet”.
Vitamins had never been talked about too extensively up until this point in history, but they became a major basis in what the nutritional supplements actually did

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