A Experiment On Chemical Compounds Essay

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A couple of mixtures of unidentified organic compounds (a mixture of two liquids and another mixture of two solid compounds) were obtained, and the compounds of each mixture were then separated, isolated, and purified. The compounds of the liquid-liquid mixture were isolated by simple distillation, and the compounds in the mixture of solids were extracted by liquid-liquid extraction, and later purified through recrystallization. Physical properties –such as boiling points, melting points, and densities- were used to identify each isolated compound. After analysis, the first liquid was identified by a boiling range of 81.0°C-81.3°C and a density of 0.7882g/mL, and the second liquid was identified by a boiling range of 91.7°C-91.9°C and a density of 0.8578 g/mL. The crude solid products were purified and recrystallized, providing a white crystalline solid (MP = 35.2-37.8 °C) in 46.9% yield, and a white powdery solid (MP = 121.9 – 122.1 °C) in 2.40% yield.

SIPCAn (Separation, Isolation, Purification, Characterization, and Analysis) are necessary procedures in any chemical lab. Not only do chemists perform these SIPCAn procedures while conducting experiments and running reactions; they are used in many industrial applications every day to purify small impurities, such as in food processing, purifying solvents and liquid reaction products in chemical experiments, and widely in the oil and petroleum industry. There are a number of ways to go on with these
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