An Experiment On The Organic Effect Essay

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“The Organic Effect” is a video that conduct an experiment on a family for two weeks. The video was promoted by an organic food store The Coop grocery in Sweden and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute ( Hall ). In this video a family of five switched from conventional food to organic for two weeks. Before beginning the experiment urine samples were taken and analyzed for conventional pesticides food. It turned out that they had different insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators inside their bodies. The experiment began and everything in the kitchen was replaced from conventional to organic food only ( Hall ). Then Another sample of urine was taken and almost all the pesticides disappeared; the level dropped drastically ( Hall ). At the beginning of the video the mother explained why her family chose to eat conventional food, and it was because it’s less expensive for her big family. However, at the end of the experiment she said that she was reevaluating her decision because of her children ( Hall ).
Kavin Senapathy wrote an article based on the video because the advertisements mislead the public, and they didn’t offer the whole story to the audience (Senapathy ). She explained that the study was done in only one family and they just analyzed the urine for pesticide used on conventional food only and most people didn’t realize that organic agriculture uses pesticides too (Hall ). The company is being suing by Emil Karlsson at Debunking Denialism for

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