A Feminist Perspective On Women

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All across the world women are being discriminated against for their gender. Feminism is the movement to combat this. Though there are many misconstructions to what being a feminist means, Webster’s Dictionary defines feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Feminism is not about one gender being above the other but allowing both to be equal in all ways. Sexism is expressed in varies different ways. In countries like America, the sexism faced is shown through things such as the wage gap and gender roles. In other countries, however, such as Indian and China, the sexism faced is more extreme and the women are in more sever danger. Some people do not believe there is a need for a feminist movement, and that women have equal rights. One huge issue that women face is the wage gap. People argue that laws such as the Equal Pay Act has gotten rid of the need for women’s suffrage, but a wage gap still exists. For every dollar a man makes, the average white woman makes 78 cents. African-American women make 64 cents and Hispanic women averagely make a mere 56 cents to the man’s dollar. Something that affects women’s earnings is lower work hours and “their years with zero earnings due to family care.” “Women workers in their prime earning years earned 62% less than men, or only $0.38 for every dollar men earned. During that 15-year period, the average woman earned only $273,592 while the average man earned $722,693 (in 1999 dollars).”
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