A Flat World By Technology Mobility Essay

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Although we are in a globalized and interconnected world, through mobile telephony, Internet and other gadgets of information technology, this does not mean that for people is a subsidiary or merely instrumental place where they want to live or work. It is perhaps one of the most important decisions. If it were indifferent location, on the assumption of a flat world by technology mobility, we would not be attending urban concentration that is occurring around large cities and that results in 2011 more than half of the population lives in cities and it is anticipated that by 2050 do about 70% of humanity. Each month, in developing countries, five million people have access to the cities. The trend towards concentration in some developed countries like the US is clamorous: 243 million Americans are concentrated in urban 3% of the country. In the book of Glaeser there is no systematic and numerativo catalog on essential problems of cities, as they do not respond to standard categories, but emerges throughout the book an encrypted and reasoned argument that allows us to string together a reliable interpretation. Technological advances are making the efficiency of production processes, but the ideas will always be there as a differentiating factor, not replaceable ultimate source of wealth creation. Glaeser explains in his book that, from classical times to the present day, cities have been centers of knowledge production, transmission of knowledge. The consubstantial to, urban
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