A Framework For Low Performing Schools

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To: Dr. Michael A.Grego, Supertiendent of Pinellas County Schools

From: Michelle Kinyungu, Educator

Date: October 17, 2015

Subject: A Framework for Low Performing Schools in Pinellas County Schools

Attached is my proposal for a framework for the low-performing schools in the Southern Area of the district. Pinellas County schools has several A+rating schools within the district. However, the South Area has had an F rating for the last five years consecutively with little improvements. The research proposal gives a framework for turnaround schools to increase the F rating to a better rating. The benefits of the framework will include the following: To maintain retention for new and contract teachers. Provide classroom teachers, principals, and support personnel additional training with model from high performing districts with the State of Florida or High performing states. Produce an active parental involved community by require all Pinellas County Schools be a fundamental system. My proposal is to provoke solutions that will help reconstructed Pinellas County Schools to be a more effective county with great schools.
I am propose a model for the low-performing schools in the Southern Area. To design and develop a new strategy to improve the failing schools in the four areas of concern noted above. The attached proposal includes my research for solutions in the following areas: retention, professional development, and parental involvement.
Please let me

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