A Great Educator must Challeng One's Philosophy

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To be a great educator does not only consist of having a meaningful philosophy. A great educator should be able to challenge themselves and others with regards to a philosophy. John Dewey was a man of great character, an American philosopher of the twentieth century, whose ideas have been influential on educational reform. His quote: "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" contains a moral in which I completely agree with. John Dewey and I both share a common belief about education for young children, and this belief is based on the idea that education and life are interrelated, not separated. I am confident enough to say that I still remain a student, not just in the literal classroom, but in life. As students, and as teachers, we all embark a continuous life-long developmental journey to find self-realization. Self-realization involves the discovery of hidden potential, and with this found, much more is possible. As a teacher, however, our duty is to provide children with the confidence they need to find their righteous path toward self-realization. Students give schools it's purpose, and children give me mine. I am confident enough to say that I will foster a well-rounded educational environment for all of my students, in which I will provide children with the skills they need to find self-realization in this complex world. The purpose of an educator is to perform and preserve an all-encompassing education. It is

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