A Guide of Service Desk

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Answers to Review Questions Chapter 1 1. An increasing dependence on computing technology and the complexity of computing technology. 2. A single point of contact within a company for managing customer incidents and service requests. 3. To enable people and businesses to continuously use the computing technology they acquired or developed. 4. Technical support was considered a necessary evil that disrupted the development of new products and systems. 5. (1) Developers missed deadlines because they were being diverted to technical support calls, leaving little time for their primary job of programming. (2) Information was not being captured, so developers had to discover the same solution again and again. (3) Recurring problems were…show more content…
26. Customer service 27. Every customer service encounter they experience. 28. False. This misinterpretation of customer service would be far too costly and would quickly overwhelm an organization’s resources. 29. Left unmanaged, customer expectations quickly exceed the resources and capabilities of even the most successful service desk. 30. (1) Promising more than they can deliver. (2) Delivering more than they promised, which raises the bar on customer expectations. (3) Promising one thing and delivering something else. (4) Not promising anything specific, leaving the customer to set expectations. 3 31. Because companies are gaining market share and increasing the size of their client base by delivering superior customer service and support before and after the customer purchases or uses a product. Also, customers are increasingly using customer service to differentiate companies and products. 4 Chapter 2 1. (1) Call centers make and receive telephone calls in high volumes. (2) Contact centers are call centers that uses technologies such as e-mail and the Web in addition to the telephone. (3) Help desks are single points of contact and typically handle only incidents. (4) Service desks are single points of contact and handle service requests and communications with customers as well as incidents. 2. Help desks typically have a narrower scope of responsibility than service desks and handle only incidents. Service desks handle service requests and
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