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Personalized Customer Service Stephanie Ketch Work Environment Communications—COMM1017 Teacher: Chris MacDougall Tuesday April 19, 2016 Summary Customer service is essential to growing a business. It is what keeps an even playing field. So, what 's personalized customer service? It is meeting the needs and desires of any customer. To succeed at customer engagement you must meet three fundamental requirements: being consistent, complete and contextual. Consistent means that you get the same quality of experience and outcome on all channels. Complete means that a seamless transition across any and all channels, no matter where or how a customer engages. Contextual means that information is automatically presented to the customer and/or the employee precisely when needed, based on information about the customer, their interactions and their needs. The end goal of engaging with customers is to create personalized experiences that benefit the customer and, over the customer life-cycle, your business. But how do organizations meet this? Technology alone cannot break down the walls between channels and deliver consistent, complete and contextual interactions. Increasingly, organizations are turning to vendor partners for strategic consulting around customer journey mapping, process excellence and change management to make sure organizational readiness to support customer experience initiatives (Koelliker, K. (2015)). Table of contents Summary
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