A Interview On Hiv / Aids

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On Wednesday, March 25th, at 9:30am all members of our group took the metro to Washington, D.C. to meet with Mr. Weston in his office at DC CARE. The interview was brief, only thirty minutes, but it yielded much information and went quite well. Mr. Weston was willing to answer all of our questions. Though he did not really ask us any questions, he was forthcoming about his opinions on HIV/AIDS-related topics such as the main causes of the disease, why HIV infection is so prevalent in the DC-Baltimore area, and what prevention methods he thought were the most effective. Overall, the interview was very informative and Mr. Weston was helpful in not only answering our questions efficiently, but he also provided us with handouts that discuss topics such as HIV/AIDS related stigma, homosexuality and infection, recommendations for care services.
During our interview with DC CARE, we learned a lot of pertinent information about what the organization does and what they attempt to accomplish in the short-term and long-term. DC CARE offers services that are different than the typical HIV/AIDS organizations in the D.C. metropolitan area. As mentioned above, DC CARE offers the following three main services: the Emergency Financial Assistance Program, the Insurance Premium Assistance Program, and Capacity Training programs. The first two are funded by the federal government and the money collected is used to give to sufferers of the epidemic who need help paying for insurance premiums,…

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