A Interview On My Professional Journey Goes On Developing And Managing A Strong Network

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It has been said, “pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time” (Collins quoted in Jones-Kaminski, 2014). For the same reason that cogs do not function on their own, people cannot spin their own gears to a productive end without other individuals to connect with. Truly, who you know matters as much, if not more than what you know! The most brilliant scientist requires a network in which to publish their findings. Similarly, however talented, a musician needs a network in which to sell, distribute, and preform their work. As my professional journey goes on, developing and managing a strong network of people around me will be of paramount importance. I do not anticipate remaining in my current organization long-term and I can utilize my network to hone my abilities and demonstrate them to the industry at large. In the years ahead, I must work to better understand how to utilize my network, keep my image visible and consistent to that network, and connect with a mentor who can challenge me and help me advance my career. The Role of Networking in My Life The power of networking changed my life just two years go and managed correctly, stands to do so again in the future. While attending North Carolina State University and embroiled in the months-long process of proving state residency, I received a phone call from a person I had worked with briefly a few years before. We had kept in contact and he was now urging me to apply to a position as his associate at a
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