A Jewish Man And A Christian Man Walk Into A Bar The Bartender

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A Jewish man and a Christian man walk into a bar the bartender say to the Christian man you can not cross this line. Discrimination is something that needs to be addressed because of sexism, racial inequality, and religious differences. Muslims, African-Americans, and Hispanics; what do they all have in common you ask, they are the top most discriminated people in America. People should not be judged off of what somebody of their race has done once upon a time. America gives people the right to freedom of religion even so people still choose to disobey it, some people around the world aren 't so lucky and they do not have that freedom. Males and females live the same life, shop the same store, but society can not seem to treat them …show more content…

Muslims should not be judged by their race, or what their past race members have done. Also, many other people are persecuted because of their race. Such as Indigenous people who are being stripped of their rights to live on the reservations that their ancestors fought for. Indigenous peoples face many challenges and their human rights are frequently violated: they are denied control over their own development based on their own values, needs and priorities (Combating). Your race should not determine the benefits, burdens, or responsibilities that you the people bear in our society. While Americans are protected under the First Amendment to practice religion freely, hundreds of countries are not protected by their government and instead harassed for their beliefs (11 Facts). In 2006 - 2010 study conducted that Christians are the most discriminated against religious group, experiencing harassment by the government and society in 168 countries (Brandon Gaille). Christians are forced to hide their faith completely from government authorities, neighbors and often, even their own spouses and children in North Korea (Brandon Gaille). In North Korea worship of the ruling Kim family is mandated, and if you do not worship them then you are arrested, imprisoned, tortured or even killed. Many Christian families are arrested together and taking to hard labor camps where thousands die every year because of starvation, torture,

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