A Joint Venture Company

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From the point of view of a general manager in a JVC there are many things to take into account during the day-to-day management. It is likely to be different from normal organization since employees are formed by people from different countries which have different tradition while at the same time the manager has to face possible divergent requirements from the patent companies. Some issues could happen during the short to long run and may have huge impact on the JVC. Therefore solutions and suggestions will be given in order to minimise the impact they have on the long-term survival of the JVC.

2 Employee performance challenges

2.1 Culture differences

The creation of a joint venture company (JVC) is to combine forces from two or more organizations in order to generate more profit or to achieve other mutual business goals (note). In this sense the management of the JVC is likely to face a certain degree of challenges and issues considering the employees are coming from different parent companies and most likely from different countries. From the point of view of the general manager in the JVC those possible challenges and issues in a short-term and medium term in day-to-day management would be employees might find it difficult to work with each other. Although it would also happen in many organizations but it is likely to be more complicated and significant in a JVC. Especially when a JVC is formed between 2 organizations where employees are not from the same…
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