A Leader's Finest Hour

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A Leaders Finest Hour A leader’s finest hour is the legacy left after they are gone. Carolyn Stimpson, retired Vice President of Branch Administration of Mountain America Credit Union, is an example of a leader who left a legacy. She lived and exemplified leadership quality such as: being self-aware, staying true to her values, and motivating other towards a vision. Carolyn was driven by her desire to leave a legacy. “Don’t get caught up in the title, position or need for the recognition of man. Leave a legacy of service to others, your community, and the world”. Carolyn worked for the same company for forty years. There were many changes throughout her career. One of those changes was a crucible moment for her, she had to make some life changing decision. In 1988, two credit unions merge into what is now Mountain America. At the time of the merge, Carolyn held an executive position with The Salt Lake Telephone Credit Union. It was a very hard transition, Carolyn was demoted, her salary decreased and she felt degraded as an individual by the CEO. She was told that she was not leadership material and shouldn’t have been in leadership position. This event made her dig deep within herself and find “the true me”. She said, “I had to decide whether to remain employed and start over or quit to find employment elsewhere. The decision was to stay, focus on my abilities, acknowledge my own value and concentrate on becoming better by serving others, not the title or position.”
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