Essay on A Love For Children

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November 28th 2002, for most was just a normal Thanksgiving but for me it was the day I would finally met my nephew. He was a much anticipated child. He was two weeks over due and we just wanted to him already. That Thanksgiving was different from all the rest. Usually on Thanksgiving the dinner is slowly prepared to perfection and everyone is in and around the kitchen waiting for dinner to be served. But obviously this holiday was different my sister was not there and there only four people at the dinner table this year: my aunt, uncle, the father and me. Midway through the feast we got a call from the hospital that the doctors were going to perform the cesarean section. All I remember is quickly eating my food and then making a …show more content…
I used to think that this was abnormal until I read the novel The Catcher in the Rye. In the novel, the protagonist Holden Caulfield also has a strong feeling for children. In the novel the audience is often shown how the adults around him have let him down. Throughout the story he constantly is angered by the adults around him. Ironically he finds a happy place when he is around children as opposed to being around adults and adolescents his own age. Like Holden I also find that there is “phoniness” about adults that I find annoying. My connection with the character is largely based on the idea that children have an innocence about them that should be sheltered from the phoniness from adults.
Some people do not always have a connection as similar to mine. There are many individuals who do not like children at all. There are many reasons why other people do not like children. Many individuals dislike for children come from some “bad” things that children do. Although young kids tend to have streaks when they are not behaving nicely, a majority of children usually tend to break out of that habit. Another example in which some people have a dissimilar from mines and Holden’s, are the relationships like a fathers, sisters, and brothers. In these relationships it is innate that either one of these people would be obligated to protect a younger related person but when the person is not related to
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