A Method to Achieve the Competitive Advantage with Organizational Learning

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Organizational Learning & Learning Organization

Villardi and Leitão (2012) explained the fact that term Learning Organization can’t be understood without giving a thought to the prevalent business and Organizational Learning paradigm which requires the managerial thinking. It was concluded that the concept of Learning Organization can definitely provide a potential to transform the changes in a firm to re-conceptualize the business organization.

Guţă (2012) discussed that Organizational Learning is a way to achieve the competitive advantage as it results in increasing the intellectual capital of organization. It was concluded that in the context of knowledge society organizations either need to develop leaning processes at the
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A conceptual framework helped in understanding the fact that when the learning processes are implemented and fulfilled successfully, a vast number of opportunities arises for the organization to become a Learning Organization. It was concluded that attention should be paid to the Organizational Learning in case an organization wants to obtain Organizational Effectiveness. Also the industries should focus on the Organizational Learning practice which helps them in developing and recognizing the opportunities as and when they start their organization development.
Castaneda and Rios (2007) presented a proposal to understand the way organizations learn by adding two conscious processes: conversation and social modeling to the work of the existing researchers. It was concluded that a detailed study of human capabilities and learning processes are manifested in various types of organizations. In order to explain the variables like attitude and self-efficacy in the context of group learning processes a further research is needed. Also how national culture is one of the variables that play a role in the individual and group behavior under the context of Organizational Learning should be researched.

Fuller, Dainty, Thorpe (2007) constructed a position based on extant theory defining how the learning propagates within a knowledge intensive firm.
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