Employee Learning in Terms of Training and Development

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Record a five minute video describing the topics covered in this course and how that material will be applicable in your career. Post the video to the forum and respond to your peers. I will be discussing the employee learning in terms of training and development. Incidental vs. Intentional learning Learning is something that happens all the time whether or not one’s aware of it. If a power failure occurs and you loose some data, do you learn anything? If you say to yourself, "I must remember to save my work more often", you have done some learning. This type of learning is called incidental learning; you have learned involuntarily or without really thinking about it. On the other hand, intentional learning happens when you engage in activities with an attitude of "what can be learned from this?" Employee training and development requires you to approach everyday activities with the intention of learning from what is happening around you. The course contents varied from discussing the learning theories to knowledge transfers to designing learning solutions while identifying and appreciating the individual differences. Today, I will be speaking of organizational learning and development that caters the employees’ learning needs. Employee training is the responsibility of the organization. However, Employee development is a shared responsibility of management and the individuals. The role of organizational management in providing effective learning solutions is to
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