A New Way to Read and Study the Bible in Michael Joseph Brown's They Don’t Tell You: A Survivor’s Guide to Biblical Studies

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Michael Joseph Brown, unveils new ways to read and examine the Bible in his book, titled “What They Don’t Tell You: A Survivor’s Guide to Biblical Studies”. Although quite technical, the guide, not book, really goes into depth on the process of studying the Bible and its documents. Brown has a new and refreshing way of giving the reader this information that is necessary in a small group, or for a Biblical scholar. This guide is not meant solely for the biblical scholar and talks in detail about the difference between these two, because some may link the two together. Published by the Westminster John Knox Press, WJK for short, this book gives straight forward answers on the best way to thoroughly understand Biblical text. As you read on …show more content…

Though they both may be considered educational settings, Brown explains that one’s best first approach to Biblical Scholarship is to approach it with the same mind frame that one might possess when in any other scholarly class. Brown also mentions the many different methods of interpreting the Bible. In addition to the “foundation of modern biblical Scholarship”, the historical-critical method, readers will discover several other methods. Readers will get the opportunity to read up on the process of each method and compare both the advantages and disadvantages. Brown then, strategically, works into a sub-chapter titled “A Primer on Biblical basics” which includes topics such as the creation of the Bible itself, the languages of the Bible and chapter and verse divisions. Brown even includes the significance of the use of italics. Finally, Brown concludes the first chapter with a sub-chapter titled “How Can I Prepare for the Process of Academic Biblical Study?” A very basic question that packs quite a punch as this question is a foundation for enduring Biblical Scholarship. Brown dictates to readers the fact that they should be prepared to give up the mind frame that always asks how something applies to their personal life. He later talks about the fact that the words” what I believe” will only further one from being a real benefactor of Biblical Study. All in all, Brown suggests that one entering the world of Biblical

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