A Part Of Isa Leadership Retreat 2015 Hosted By The International Student Association

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“Courage or Comfort”
Last week, I had an opportunity to be a part of ISA Leadership Retreat 2015 hosted by the International Student Association. It was an amazing experience because I had a chance to get involved in a group of people from vast number of countries. One of the sections that inspired me the most is “ The power of integrity and Vulnerability in leadership –Amber Cordell”. In this section, each of us will choose a favorite quote from quotes given. We also have a chance to be on stage to tell what quote we chose and why we chose this quote. The quote that I chose was “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both-Brene Brown”
Indeed, in my entire life I had come across this situation several times …show more content…

My mother’s reaction made me contemplate. Instead of being surprised about my decision she just asked me a question “are you sure about it?” This question my mother asked me stuck in my heart and made me second guess myself many times. Am I really sure about studying here? Because as we know it 's not an easy to adapt in a new environment that you never explored through research or visiting. A lot of new things I had to learn was how to adapt to new culture, food, and people. Importantly, I have to change my lifestyle from eight hour public school to eight hour boarding school and this is quite a big change for me. From a spoiled kid that got everything to become a person that needs to take care every thing by himself.
After spending five years in the country called India, I have to face the same situation again to decide should I study at a university in the Untied States or travel back in my home country, Thailand. After being an outsider for five years, it makes me realized one thing that no place will ever feel like home. It does not matter how civilized people are in those countries. Somehow inside yourself you will sense something abnormal due to their culture, language, people, and food etc. At some point you will begin to feel that you want to be back in your native land where everything comes to be familiar, the place that you does not concern about the language or culture, the place where you can enjoy your favorite food. So, if I decide to

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