A Perfect Score: Effective Ways to Study for a Test Essay

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Most college students are piled with difficult work each week. Collection of assignments, are stack carefully on the students desk ready to be completed. Let alone, a history professor later mentions that a test will be assigned in less than two days. The test makes a college student drown in caffeine;therefore, canceling all his plans due to planning a long marathon of studying. But luck has come along and studies of straight A’s students have shown effective ways to study for a test, which includes the steps of taking effective notes, finding a place to study, and reviewing for a test for a only a short length of time.
To start of, the first step to study is to take good notes. Taking good notes on a computer will decrease the time of …show more content…

Nethertheless, Newport describes that method “impossible” and “counterproductive.” College students need to learn to take effect of the “question, evidence, conclusion” method, it draws a better image and understanding of all the main topics of the lecture. Much less, taking notes in the students own words can create a better understanding of the topic and could lead to studying less later. In an article stated in a website, Greatschools Staff, gives suggestions to students to take notes in their own words to understand the notes more clearly, “learn to summarize information in her[student] own words, rather than copying the textbook. This will ensure that she understands what she has read and help her learn it” (Greatschools staff). Learning to summarize in the students own words creates a different kind of understanding of learning the lecture more deeply and making a simple notes to move to long term memory creating later easier to study for a test. By using a computer for note taking, can create a easier and more effective way to take outstanding notes for studying. Everything when in it comes to studying starts from the notes and if the student does not start in the right foot from the beginning, they will later trip on their path to success not learning from their mistakes.

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