A Presentation Of The Rationale For The Qualitative Case Study Approach

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In this chapter, I will describe the methodology of my case study. I will begin with a presentation of the rationale for the qualitative case study approach. Next, I will present the participant selection criteria, the design of the study, and the methods of the data collection which will include the two interviews (first and follow-up), classroom observation, videotaping the participant during instruction, and document data collection. I will also discuss the strategies I will be using to enhance the trustworthiness of the study. At the end of this chapter, I will explain the methods of the data analysis. Appendix A will be included at the end of the chapter. I will develop Table(s) of the data collection.
Rationale for Qualitative Approach
The choice to choose the qualitative approach will mainly be depended on my purpose and research questions to be addressed. Since the purpose of this case study is to define the teacher’s use of ASL fingerspelling will be implemented during instruction. The purpose of my case study is not to compare or measure the effectiveness of the participant’s method of instruction, but to observe how the participant uses ASL fingerspelling, if any, during class instruction and how it was implemented. The qualitative approach will be carefully selected ….

Data Collection Methods
Participant Selection
In selecting a participant for the case study was to choose one person who is a deaf education teacher and uses ASL. The teacher works in
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