A Process Of Ongoing Improvement By Eliyahu Goldratt And Jeff Cox

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When I initially received my copy of The Goal: A process of ongoing improvement by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox, I assumed it would be your standard business book with dry statistics and nothing that would actually constitute as a story. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually a well-developed story that kept me entertained and coincided with many point that were just being taught in our Supply Chain Management class (as I had finished the book relatively soon). The Goal covered both business stand points as well as work-life balance or in this case, the initial lack thereof. I felt that The Goal brought up productivity, efficiency, overproduction, as well as excess material issues. This book is a good example of some of the seven deadly wastes mentioned in earlier SCM classes, as well as how it affected their business and how it is possible to counteract each one. The book initiates with our main protagonist and plant manager Alex Rogo being berated by the division vice president Mr. Peach over a large late order that has yet to be shipped. Mr. Peach will not settle for anything less than the order being shipped today. Since the plant is neither productive nor profitable, Mr. Peach gives Alex an ultimatum to increase his plants profitability in three months or else it will be shut down. His ultimatum causes Alex to reflect on his life and travels which eventually finds himself back where he initially started. As Alex believes, "He’s now 38 years old and a crummy
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