A Profitable Business Venture

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Executive Summary: Concluding Case 1 introduces us to Stan Eagle, whose dedication to a particular passion strikes up the interest to explore it into a profitable business venture. Growing up, skateboarding fulfilled this business leader with a sense of enjoyment, purpose and freedom for creativity to thrive. After many years of perfecting his talent, Eagle utilized his knowledge of the art, income, resources and networking abilities to carve into another facet that would ultimately be his main source of income. With further investigation into this reading, we have observed that Eagle noticed several declinations in the skateboard sport that he decided to promote his passion for the sport and infused with an interest to generate a business and brand. This reading highlights the importance the characteristics of management decisions as well as identifies options that effective decision making has on the business in situations that are often challenged. With the assistance of a Pete Williams, friend of Stan Eagle, both establish a partnership to funding an endeavor recognized as Soaring Eagle Company. Within this summation, we as a team are able to strike up conclusions that with provided guidance can acquire and later implement as business leaders of the future. One must take risks in order to achieve great heights, business is prosperous and Eagle accept as true that it is time for the company to expand . Approached by a friend who was in the clothing business, pressured

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