A Report On Somali Gang Formation

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Somali Gang Formation Somalis began arriving in west in the early 1990s when the civil erupted in Somalia. Refugees fleeing civil war in their homeland did not find the life in the west the "milk and honey" as they thought it was. Due to language barrier and cultural shock, a widespread unemployment hit the Somali community more than any other races in the UK, Canada and United States. In addition to that unemployment, non-Somali gangs targeted the young Somalis who entered the school system with little or no rudimentary education or English skills. Many factors force the youth to assimilate and form their own gangs. Bullying puts refugee children at risk When east African children and teens are enrolled schools, the first things they meet is negative disparaging remarks thrown at them. Finessa Ferral-Smith, a research analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Children and Family Program contends that bullying has a negative effect on the children. In 2002, a report released by the U.S secret Service concluded that bullying played a significant role in school shootings (Ferrel-Smith, 2008). Bullying in schools in America is extremely common. Most experts attribute this to children having been exposed to violence in society. Being a victim of bullying has serious long-term consequences. Introvert and recluse children who are victims of bullying are apt to be immersed in depression and poor self-esteem. Some of these victims are more likely to either

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