A Report On Tester Widget Inc. Performance Management

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The purpose of this document is to establish and institute policies, procedures, and guidelines, delegate authorities and assign responsibilities regarding Tester Widget Inc. performance management. Tester Widget Inc. utilizes the pay-for-performance program. The pay-for-performance program, otherwise known as a pay pool, is one of the latest programs used to find out how to increase workforce motivation, job satisfaction, and production (Ibironke, Adeo, & Hungbo, 2011 413-417). The focus of this program is for managers to motivate the mid-level workforce, increase job satisfaction and productivity (Heinrich, 2007).
Employees need to believe that what they are working toward is worthwhile and beneficial to the organization. Fair
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Ensure ongoing feedback between employees and supervisors
d. Provide a fair and impartial process for appraising and evaluating employee performance
The goal of the Tester Widget Inc. performance management system is attainment of results towards mission objectives through successful management of individual performance. Performance management will be a priority from management down to individual employees within Tester Widget Inc. The philosophy of Tester Widget Inc.’s performance management system mirrors Proverbs 3:27 “Do not withhold good for those whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” (New International Version). Successful performance management requires commitment to performance planning, measurement and management practices. Devotion of time and effort throughout the performance management system will ensure program success. Tester Widget Inc. performance management has three responsibility levels of responsibilities:
a. Management Review Authority (MRA): The MRA is responsible for:
a. Overseeing employee assessments
b. Prevent conflict of interest when establishing pay pool operations
c. Conduct an unprejudiced review of subordinate evaluations when conflict exists
b. Division Supervisors are responsible for:
a. Approving individual evaluations under their authority
b. Ensuring training plans are implemented for employees
c. Verifying initial and midterm feedback is provided by supervisors to subordinates
d. Complete performance
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