A Report On The Business Mission Program

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The businesses that we have include, the most common that comes to mind, the retail stores which generates the most margin of all the businesses. Goodwill also has other margin creating businesses such as an industrial laundry service for hospitals and hospitality. We operate Goodwill Manufacturing that does packaging and assembly for companies such as Johnson Wax, MillerCoors and Briggs and Stratton. We have a talent placement agency called Goodwill TalentBridge where we connect job seekers with employers. We operate Goodwill Datashield, a document destruction company. We have also added, this year, Goodwill E-cycle to the list of businesses that generate revenue to be put towards the mission. Besides the mission programs and the…show more content…
At this point, the ability and position to compete on analytics varies due to each business unit or department being responsible for initializing these efforts. Overall organizational strategy is decided at the top of the organization’s leadership and currently the strategy does not include a specific objective to increase our use of analytics to compete. Q2: Describe your company 's position within the pillars of analytics competition. Goodwill does not currently use analytics to support “an important and distinctive capability” (Davenport & Harris, 2007, p.24). Possibly, because we have a challenging time identifying our competitors in the industry, due to our diverse model, the need for this piece of the pillar has not yet been realized. Our competitors vary from other thrift stores to for profit placement agencies to human service program providers. The lack of having even one business or organization in our area that would compete with us across our entire organization may be hindering our realization for finding our distinctive capability. Having an “enterprise-level approach” (Davenport & Harris, 2007, p. 27) is not something Goodwill is currently doing. Each business unit, support service or mission program is using, or aspiring to, a different approach to analytics to
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