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Discuss your professional objectives both short and long term. What has motivated you to apply to this program? My organization Penske Truck Leasing has been experiencing a sharp decline in the revenue generated from its full service leasing. Results of initial sales analysis concluded that the inflow of the new customers for full service leasing has been growing steadily; thus to increase revenue, the focus needs to be on the renewals for the existing customers. The company realizes that a lack of validated customer loyalty drivers prevents effective focus on customer retention and thus directly affects profitability. Challenges with data availability and business metrics have made attempts to measure and diagnose our service delivery and customer experience, both, difficult and inconclusive. In order to address this challenge, the organization has launched an initiative to build a customer analytics system that can achieve a single view of customer experience and make decisions about how best to acquire and retain customers, recognize high-value customers and proactively interact with them. I have been identified as the lead architect for the BI and analytics team that is going to implement this project. I am also privileged to be associated with an initiative that is directed towards human resource analytics that analyzes the performance and profitability that the work force brings to the organization. The aim of this project is to align core workforce business

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