A Report On The Hotel

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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Company overview QiuShuiShan Hotel is located Shenzhen Long gang District, China. That hotel have very convenient transportation only 30 minutes from the train station, just 45 minutes from Shenzhen Airport. The hotel investment and built by nationally known Nanling Village (Nanling Joint-Stock Company). The hotel are invited the Hong Kong best hotel designer. Shenzhen QiuShuiShan hotel has 232 individually designed rooms, European-style lobby and there are many different functions of facilities in this hotel, such as sauna, swimming pool, gym, and other facilities.

However, this is the second hotel in this village, in a few years ago the hotel complete the transformation of tiny resort transformed into a five-star luxury hotel. The number of employees increasing from a few hundred to a thousand people. However, these employees are have different background, because Shenzhen is a comprehensive city , so here is full of people from different city. Shenzhen is also a fast-growing city, Whether it is the rhythm of development or way of life are changing every day.

Qiushuishan hotel is going to transition from village resort to Shenzhen five-star hotel ,so this report will discuss the issues that the company may need face including the current structure and culture. Also this report will focus on the motivational strategies, which is the important element of hotel human resources management.

1.2 Problems
For the transformation of the hotel,

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