A Report On The Aloft Hotel

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The Aloft hotel in Charlotte, NC will be the host to a band named Major Lasers in the month of January 2016. As the risk manager at the Aloft hotel, it vital that a risk management plan in put in place to protect the hotel and our special guests. Being one of the highest rated hotels in the Charlotte area, the property has a solid understanding of the operational risk associated with hosting such an event. The risk management department considers the band staying at the hotel to fall under the operational risk category, which is a risk we face day to day in operations of hotels (Nand, 2011, para.). The location of the facility makes the hotel a popular option due to it being near Time Warner Cable Arena, the venue for the upcoming concert. A good risk manager will start by conducting meeting within the risk management department to address the possible risk associated with the hosting of a major act, like Major Lasers.
The risk management department is responsible for providing a methodology to identify and analyze the financial impact of loss to the organization, employees, the public, and the environment (Roles and Responsibilities in Risk Management, 2016, para.1). Hence, the meeting will used to discuss the methodology that will be used to bring the band in and out of our facility, secure the floor the band will be staying, maintaining their privacy throughout their stay at the hotel. Additionally, the meeting will be used to discuss the additional departments that

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