Design And Design Of The Hotel

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Early in the year of 1976, a corporation known as Crown Center Redevelopment started a project to design and construct a Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. The firm in charge of the structural design of the hotel was a corporation from Texas called Gillum-Colaco, Incorporated or G.C.E. International Inc. Throughout the following year, a team of architects and engineers worked together to formulate an appropriate design for the hotel. The hotel specifications were set and the project to build the hotel was prepared using standard building codes set by the administration of Kansas City, Missouri. It was not until the spring of 1978 that the construction for the Hyatt Regency Hotel finally began. On July 1980, construction of the hotel was finally finished and the hotel was officially ready and open for business. The hotel soon became famous for its unique and spacious architecture within. One of the most interesting features of the Hyatt was its lobby. This lobby was made up of an atrium that incorporated three skywalks that hung from the ceiling of the hotel. The skywalks were located on the second, third, and fourth floor, and each connected one side of the hotel to the other. The second skywalk rested under the fourth skywalk while the third was offset a few meters away from the two other skywalks. Certainly, the design of the hotel was something that the firm in charge of the hotel structure could be proud of, however, this was a firm of structural engineers
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