A Report On The New Healthcare Reform

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Fall Prevention Healthcare industry is constantly changing we are seeing more technology and customer focus innovation to meet the needs and well being of the patient. The introduction of the New Healthcare Reform is challenging leaders to reduce cost, decrease waste, deliver personalized experience, improve quality, and safety. According to Mc Natt (2015), “improvement in the quality of hospital care is a fundamental aspect of health system strengthening that is directly linked to the service delivery dimension of the World Health Organization (WHO) building blocks of a health system” (p.719). Improvement in processes both internal and external will need to be continuous on a daily basis. Performance improvement projects are used to…show more content…
There as also been a recent change in leadership and the employee satisfaction survey scores as been the lowest compared to the previous years. Rationale for Selection The project identified is reducing the number of falls that have been steadily rising in the past eight months on the cardiac unit. In reviewing present data, there has been a steady increase of falls that has occurred in the past year and now it has reached a critical issue that has everyone concerned about practice, guidelines, and opportunities for change. There as also been a slight change in the population served were most of the patient are diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s and the average age of patients 55-85years. Lawson et. al explains (2013), “Adults over age 65 are 9 times as likely to fall as the remainder of the population, and fall risk increases with increasing age” (p.31). Patients who fall will have longer hospital stay and increase in hospital bill. According to Huey-Ming (2015), “In United States hospitals, patients with fall injuries stay in the hospital an average of 6.3 extra days longer and their care costs $13,000 more compared with patients who do not fall during hospital stays” (p.326). Joint commission national safety goal requires hospitals to reduce the risk of harm from falls. “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services identified falls as a preventable healthcare acquired
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