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A research group called TNO in the Netherlands have just opened a door to a bright future. They have successfully created a bike path with crystalline silicon Solar cells coated on the top of it, so not only is it a bike path, it is also a solar path. This path the Netherlands is 230 feet long, costing $3.7 million. The solar power produced by this path meets the needs of only three houses. Yes, this may not seem like a lot but once again they have opened a huge door to the future. Imagine if all the roadways in the world had these crystalline silicon solar cells coated on top of them. Now this would produce a lot more solar energy, without even using any natural resources. One downfall about these solar roadways is that …show more content…

It will cost lots of money to get all this finished. Do you know what accounts for 87% of global primary energy consumption? That would be a natural resources coal, natural gas, and oil. The weight of these energy sources keep shifting, natural gas increased share of energy from 23.8% to 23.9%. Coil Rose from 29.7% 29.9% an oil fell from 33.4% to 33.1%. It is protected by the international energy agency that by 2013 coil will replace oil as dominant primary energy source. The production of oil is high, US is producing record high levels of oil. Global natural gas production grew by 1.9%. The US produces 22.4% of the total and Russia produces 17.6%. The sad part is, that other countries art less than 5% the total. You know what the fastest growing fossil fuel globally is? That would be coil. You know what remains the most widely consumed fossil worldwide? Oil. In the future when oil runs out, coil will take its place in dominant primary energy source. China account for 45.5% of global coal production followed by the US with 13.4% and India with 6%. .

In case you have not notice, the fossil fuels on our are running out. There are many approaches that can be taken to help save these fossil fuels for future generations. One of the many great ways is Plug in Hybrid Electric Cars. These do come at a expense, but it surely will be worth it. With these hybrid cars, you can charge them at home any get great gas mileage.

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