A Research On How Businesses Benefit From A Strong Social Media Presence On Each Platform

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Research on how businesses benefit from having a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, how businesses measure social media success on each platform, and compile detail notes notes on each platform.

1. Google+ could increase your company’s growth:

A lot of businesses around the world believes that Google+ is dead. Sadly, it seems as if investing your time and resources on marketing with Google+ will lead to a waste for your company. The truth is, Google+ is one of the most connected social media platforms ever. Google has created certain steps like requiring all Youtube users to make a linked Google+ account which in turn means they have a very broad group of young, active members. According to Forbes they have over 2.2 billion users, and even with researchers assuming that only 1% of users are truly active users that still leaves over 111 million users. By advertising to 111 million active users the only question left is will you be able to engage users enough to increase your business. Using simple posts and announcements is probably well worth your time and resources. The reason you should use Google+ is it’s connected platforms i.e. Gmail, Youtube, etc. Google+ measures your success based on three categories: Visibility, Posts, & Audience. These categories will allow you or your social media manager to understand which type of users your advertising attracts, where users find your content, & even how many overall views…
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