A Research On Organic And Chemical Essay

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Organic and chemical are both antagonistic words, and both are rivals to say in the horticulture and agriculture industries, as one of the words invokes a sense of greenery and meadows while the other hinders to synthetic mixtures and various concoctions in a sterilized environment. What organic fertilizers means is that they are minimally processed, in which the nutrients are sourced in their natural form. Most of these sources are made from plant waste, animal wastes, and powdered materials such as glacial rock dust and bone meal. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers are refined nutrients from extracts that are mixed with chemical dressings to create a specific ratio. Chemical fertilizers are made from petroleum products, certain rocks, and also from organic sources.

100 years ago a lone chemist, Fritz Haber, discovered ammonia synthesis, a process in which Fritz used a sheet of osmium inside a steel chamber, flowing with nitrogen and hydrogen gas, and packed with pressure and enormous heat, created ammonia. Fritz was a genius, and he discovered something many scientists had been frantically researching for years, the idea of turning nitrogen gas, which was abundant in the atmosphere, into a physical form in which plants can take up as nutrients. The advent rise of chemical fertilizers has brought humans many great harvests in the turn of the last century. It has given the ability for agriculture to sustain and feed humanity at an ever more increasing rate, from 1.6

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