A Research On ' Relaxing Your Fears Away ' By Wolpe, J. ( 1961 )

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According to “Relaxing Your Fears Away” by Wolpe, J. (1961), which describes the systematic desensitization treatment of neuroses, people cannot experience relaxation and fear at the same time. The author stated the theoretical proposition that the reason people get phobias is that they learned a certain behavior sometime in their life and this thing became the fear in their brain.
The first step of Wolpe’s treatment is for the patient to practice muscle relaxation. Because of Wolpe success with reducing anxiety in rats using relaxation, he proposed that using relaxation in humans would help to decrease the amount of anxiety they fell due to the fact that they cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time (reciprocal inhibition). In some cases, the patient will get hypnotized in order to achieve full relaxation.
The second step of Wolpe’s treatment is create an anxiety hierarchy which means to develop a list of the patient’s phobia in different situations. The psychologist must begin with the phobia that is slightly uncomfortable and work to the most anxious phobia.
The third step of Wolpe’s treatment is desensitization. The psychologist goes through the anxiety hierarchy while asking the patient to vividly imagine the situation while the patient is trying to stay relaxed. Every time the patient feels even the slightest bit uncomfortable, the treatment is delayed until the person gets back into a fully relaxed state. This treatment will continue until the patient stays

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