A Research Study On Breastfeeding Essay

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Of the ten studies reviewed, nine were delivered as single interventions in the classroom {{132 Seidel 2013; 134 November 2013; 357 Giles, Melanie 2014; 98 Giles 2013; 189 Walsh 2008; 121 Frew,J.R. 2005; 321 Lockey 2003; 111 Martens,P.J. 2001; 351 Kim,Younghae 1998;}} and one used television commercials and newspaper advertisements repeated over a time period of several months. {{334 Friel,J.K. 1989;}} All of the classroom interventions consisted of one lesson varying in length from one hour to 90 minutes. While the studies show that one lesson on breastfeeding can have a positive impact on adolescents views on breastfeeding, it would be useful to know if repetition of material either through several lessons as part of a unit or lessons that occur over several grades could have more of an impact on students knowledge, attitudes and plans to breastfeed future children. The majority of the studies were done using researcher delivered content {{132 Seidel 2013; 134 November 2013; 357 Giles, Melanie 2014; 98 Giles 2013; 121 Frew,J.R. 2005; 321 Lockey 2003; 351 Kim,Younghae 1998;}} although one program was delivered by a nurse/certified lactation counselor {{189 Walsh 2008;}} and one by a breastfeeding peer counselor. {{111 Martens,P.J. 2001;}} While researcher delivered content allows for the lesson to be taught by someone comfortable with and knowledgeable about breastfeeding, it can lead to issues with classroom management and student involvement. Furthermore, if those
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