A Research Study On Reading Material

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Reading material to further current knowledge or critical need for a specific craft, trade, or just knowledge in a particular topic is a necessity from time to time. This gathering of knowledge to read amounts to the sum of efforts by a writer to expand or relay topical information that may be known or completely new to the reader. Reading research material is not different in the gathering or reading. However, the material itself is different. Research material is written with either qualitative or quantitative gathered results to add specific conclusions for the identified topic. Qualitative material refers to research that pertains to words that may or may not equate measurements in its conclusion (Strauss, & Corbin, 1990). Whereas the quantitative research material refers to numerically measured data used to conclude the research (Gunter, 2002). Either of which may be utilized for additional research in the form of a study. In conducting a research study, the researcher uses a method to ensure a standardized flow of information is logically gathered, used, and systematically incorporated for research completion. This standardized method follows seven specific steps which are: (1) Identifying a research problem; (2) Reviewing the literature; (3) Specifying a purpose for the research study; (4) Selecting a research design and collecting data; (5) Analyzing data and reporting results; (6) Interpreting the research; and (7) Disseminating and evaluating the research.

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