A Research Study On Rutgers University Students

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Rutgers University students enroll in many different majors. Throughout the student’s four year education, they get the opportunity to participate in internships which are not a requirement for graduation for every major. An example is the Psychology major. The Department of Psychology at Rutgers does not require its students to participate in any fieldwork, research, co-ops, or internships. The person that will serve as a patron for this project will be from the Department of Psychology, Chairperson David Vicario. The department will benefit from making this “choice”, an essential part of the major’s curriculum. Because Rutgers University is considered one of the top 10 colleges that teach psychology as a major it is important that they not only have a good educational program, but also a program that successfully helps students work on their field of study after graduation (Cahill). Therefore, the department would find it very beneficial to support this program. The program will require students enrolled in any psychology major to participate in programs that will reinforce their real world experience in their field of study and consequently increase their chances of landing a job after graduation in their field.

Students at Rutgers, currently enroll in any psychology major will benefit from this program. This experience will make them stronger candidates that possess real world experience. Additionally, Rutgers University will also benefit from this program because it
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