A Review of Cadburys Supply Chain

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A Review of Cadbury’s Supply Chain: Literature Review: ‘Man of Dairy Milk and Money’. Elaine Watson Article Summary: * This article begins by highlighting how Cadbury’s have had their fair share of problems: * Salmonella outbreak in 2006 * Decision to close Somerdale factory and switch production to Poland. * Factory issues in Sheffield: river quite literally flowing through the factory. * But as the article highlights, the firm has a strong and strategically placed supply chain. Areas of Competitive Advantage: * Factory Network: They recently built a new factory in Poland. They have an established network with two other factories there, and a gum plant. * Cost effective Supply Chain: By…show more content…
* Competitive Advantage: “Supply chains have become the new black, a trendy way of connecting with the consciousness of consumers (particularly generation Y) and achieving differentiation from those companies/products not willing or able to keep up”. * How is this changing consumer attitude affecting the industry? * Competitive Advantage: Transparency of supply chains: in a society where publicly accessible information is just a click away and a good reputation is priceless, ensuring integrity of supply chains is on way to create a competitive advantage. * Product differentiation: Products are no longer differentiated by rudimentary characteristics such as colour and price. Values are a key part of the customer decision. * Declaration of interests: Companies must ensure that companies they are partnering with are also keeping within the guidelines. * Ethics ahead of profits: Customers nowadays will pay more money for items that appeal to their moral consciousness. Thus, firms need to walk the walk rather than just talking the walk. Literature Review: ‘Reconfiguring Three Companies Under one Umbrella’. Alan Robinson. Article Summary: * This article identifies how the Cadbury’s supply chain ensures that network benefits are realized and capitals costs are reduced. In essence it portrays how Cadbury’s creates a competitive advantage through three of their products: Schweppes, Motts and Snapple. Competitive

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