Toyota Prius Marketing Case Study

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Case Study: Toyota Prius University of Maryland University College September 30, 2010 Synopsis: As the United States unite in the global effort to monitor the use and waste of energy, fuel efficient or hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius has dominated the market over the SUV’s who once adored every American driveway. With much doubt, in 2004, the Prius has become the leading selling vehicle in America. The sleek design has caught the eye and pockets of many Americans who prefer the “gas sipper” over the “gas guzzler.” (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2010) In addition to the declined trips to the gas station, the Prius also offered advance technology such as the implementation of a Smart Key System, DVD…show more content…
The natural environment such as our main natural resource for fueling our vehicles, oil, has aided in the increased sales of the Toyota Prius. Since gas prices increased in 2008, a fuel efficient car such as the Prius is economically and environmentally friendly. Toyota created the hybrid that “combines a gas engine with an electric motor” using less gas than the usual sedan. (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2010) 4. Technological environment has also increase the sales of the Prius. With its advance technology and many features has impressed the world of the technology buff as well as the modern customer who wants practical but affordable. (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2010) Toyota is aware that the technology wave is a spectacular movement that shapes our marketing environment today and uses this to their advantage by incorporating affordable luxury in the Toyota Prius. 5. Political and social environment has affected the Prius sales in 2007 when the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required test results posted on vehicle windows. (Hal S. Knowles, 2008) This increased legislation which could increase or decrease sales but in this instance, sales has increased due to the governments seal of approval so to speak. 6. Cultural environment, last but not least, has an enormous impact on the production and sales of the Prius. With the “going green” movement
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