A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Song Changes By Tupac

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Tupac in the song changes explains the message that the world need change for the better of people. The reason why he feels the need for this change is because; he is tired of seeing the world as it is now with no justice. Shakur communicates his message by explaining that as black people we should not have to be shot, killed and blamed for everything that goes wrong in the black community. The artist purpose is to inform others that do not see what he sees that it’s an ongoing problem, so he gives them a vision through his lyrics and his video. The artist uses a formal tone for the people who listen to his music, which may seem harsh and mean but his tone is what lets you know that he is serious about what he is talking about. One effect of explaining through song is that his message gets all over the world instead of just in his neighborhood or city. For example, when he is talking in the song he says, “That’s just the way it is, things will never be the same” (21), he is stating that although he wants change that he can’t do it alone and that is just the way it is. With this being said, he wants more people than just him to be able to want the same change that he does and to see the things he sees. If Tupac chose a different way of explain this no one might be able to hear it, and that’s why the video comes in…show more content…
Not only is he saying that we want better for the world he wants better people in general regardless of race and gender. In which I think he means in the lyrics when he said, “Learn to see me as a brother instead of 2 distant strangers”. I think when he says that he means anyone he comes across should all come together for the same justice that he wants. The tone maybe seems like he is being rude or does not care about other when he really does and he just wants the best for the world and does not want to fight this
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