A Rugged, Precise and Accurate New Gravimetry Method for the Determination of Gold

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Gravimetry is an old technique which has been used for the determination and recovery of gold ever since its discovery. It is a process that has a minimal room for instrumental error and does not require standards for any calculation of the unknown that is being analyzed. The determination of gold besides gravimetry can either be titrimetry or instrumental, but these techniques requires gold standards for comparison of its results and concerns the determination of gold in small scale or trace amounts like that of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The demand for gold is rapidly icreasing world wide and as of today, the standard test for its determination is Fire Assay ASTM E 1335-08 – a method that requires expertise, time, and can lead to a decrease in the sample’s amount. In this study, Gold – a rare metal known for its worth, value, and properties such as conductivity, malleability, and high reflective power was determime by proposing a new gravimetric method through gold’s reduction by hydroxylamine hydrochloride as an alternative to the standard test method called the fire assay. The researchers based all their calculations using an ISO standard guideline, EURACHEM/GUM. Gold samples with five replicates of approximately 0.2g was carried out by acid digestion using a solution containing 15mL of 35% Hydrochloric acid and 5mL of 69% of nitric acid in the presence of 10mL de-ionized 18.2M Ω resistivity water of analytical grade per sample. Samples were weighed using

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