A Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Of Nebraska Deq, The Papio Branch Water Treatment Plant 's ( Wtp )

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Due to results from a sanitary sewer evaluation of the Nebraska DEQ, the Papio Branch water treatment plant’s (WTP) must place a permanent flow meter at the site of the discharge point where flow is outputting to the reservoir.

The discharge (decant flow) flow in the pipe varies from continuous to intermittent through the 10-inch gravity ductile iron pipe that is a free fall discharge into the reservoir. The discharge point is a concrete headwall where the Doppler wave meter will be placed permanently.

A temporary Teledyne Isco 2150 flow meter was placed at the site of the discharge for a period of 24 hours to determine the performance of a meter at the site as well as evaluate current flow conditions. The temporary metering was …show more content…

Figure 2: Teledyne Isco Signature Flow Meter Diagram
The basics needed in order to install the area velocity signature meter are the meter module, a cable, probe, band, screws/mounting devices, power supply, and outputs. The prices listed below are quotes from a Teledyne Isco sales representative.
• Signature Area Velocity flow meter system: starts at $3,700 o This includes the meter, the sensor, a 32.8 foot cable, a manual, and a pocket guide. The price may change if other options are added.
• Sensor carrier for attachment to the mounting rings: $50
• Spring Ring for a 10-inch pipe: $91
• 8 foot power cord: $25
• Analog 4-20mA output with two channels: $310
• Internal seven digit mechanical totalizer: $115 o Total (minimum for all listed options): $4,291

If the pipe has silting or ragging issues, then a Laser Flow Meter should be used instead of the Area Velocity meter. The Laser Flow meter is a non-contact Doppler meter that provides all of the same information as the area velocity meter without having a sensor in the water. The benefit of this would be if the pipe has ragging issues or there is a lot of silting/debris that could potentially get stuck on the probe and cause the probe to not read the way it should be. This is a much more expensive option it would provide data without the worry of silt/debris or ragging of the pipe getting in the way. Costs for this type of meter are listed below.
• Signature Laser Flow meter system: starts at $9,750 o This includes

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