A Short Note On Breast And Ovarian Carcinoma Essay

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ell lines including Breast and ovarian carcinoma to overcome the adverse side effects[13]. The results showed that targeting the LHRH receptors by using the LHRH peptide based delivery system substantially enhanced the efficacy of the chemotherapy. The LHRH targeted delivery system also did not show in vivo pituitary toxicity in the human ovarian carcinoma xenografts.

Herein, we report the PEG-LHRH peptide conjugated mTS-mPAE NPs for the targeted delivery of mTOR siRNA to the lung tumor cells, utilizing bioreducible cationic polymer mPAE based NPs as the delivery carrier. Towards this aim, mTS-mPAE NPs was synthesized using the nanoprecipitation method to encapsulate the mTOR siRNA and form mTS-mPAE NPS. The mTS-mPAE NPs was then conjugated with PEG and PEG-LHRH to form non-targeted(NT-NPs) and targeted (T-NPs) gene delivery system for the treatment of lung cancer. The NT-NPs and the T-NPs of uniform size, zeta potential were produced. The PEG and PEG-LHRH was conjugated on the NP surface by covalent conjugated.

Serum Stability –
Serum protection
The stability of polymeric nanoparticles in serum is critical to their use in drug delivery where dilution after intravenous injection often results in nanoparticle disassembly and drug unloading;[14]

The circulation time of nanoparticles in vivo is influenced by many factors, including size, size distribution, and surface charge which in turn influence the degree of interaction with serum proteins. Protein adsorption is a key

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